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Published by Lyons Press, the new hardcover edition of Dick Brown’s classic bonefish fly pattern book, Bonefish Fly Patterns, 2nd Edition: Tying, Selecting, and Fishing all the Best Bonefish Flies from Today's Best Tiers features the most comprehensive collection of bonefish fly patterns and tiers ever assembled in a single volume. The book profiles 197 fly patterns from over 100 veteran fly tiers, saltwater fly fishing icons Harry Spear, Jeffrey Cardenas, Tim Borski, Jim Orthwien, Steve Huff, Tom McGuane, Bob Popovics, Del Brown, Winston Moore, Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Ben Estes, Rick Ruoff, Brian O'Keefe, Jack Gartside, Vic Gaspeny, Eric Peterson, Rick Simonsen, Dave Skok, Randall Kaufmann, and Craig Mathews.

New Edition Features 47 New Flies
The book contains detailed profiles of 47 new fly patterns created by such gifted tiers/anglers as Aaron Adams, Rodney Baine, Bully Bevans, Jaime Boyle, Warren Brewster, Blane Chocklett, Henry Cowen, Patrick Dorsy, Davin Ebanks, Omeko Glinton, Dan “Doc” Hall, Wayne Haselau, Bill Lambot, Mark Tomchin, Victor Trodella, and Juan Roselione-Valadez. (If you bonefish and you don't know who some of these tiers are, you should.) The new edition also contains several of the “secret” big-fish flies Dick was unable to pry out of tight-lipped guides and anglers for the first edition of the pattern book.

Authentic Recipes, Tying, & Fishing Notes
Like the original edition, the new version contains full-color, high-resolution, macro-lens close-ups of each featured fly, along with detailed descriptions of its authentic recipe, tying notes, fishing notes, prey it suggests, locations where it is effective, and fishing anecdotes about its use. Over 95 percent of the profiled flies appearing in the photographs of the book were tied by their originators (a few classic patterns created by deceased or otherwise unreachable tiers were tied to their authentic recipe by the author). The book gives step-by-step tying instructions, new information on prey, and advice on how to present flies to this very challenging and highly sought after game fish.

1) Fly Characteristics—What Makes a Good Bonefish Fly Good?
2) Profiles of 197 Flies—Recipes, Tying Notes, Prey Suggested, Destinations Fished,      Presentation Advice
3) Selecting Bonefish Flies—For Different Locations, Prey, Depths, Light Levels, and
     Wind Conditions
4) Tying Sequences—Mastering These Step-by-Step Instructions Will Teach You to Tie
     Most Bonefish Flies
5) Design Alternatives and Trends—New Directions in Materials and Designs
6) Fly Materials—A Glossary of the Essential Bonefish Fly-Tying Materials
7) Sources—Where to Find Flies, Custom Tiers, and Materials

Bonefish Fly Patterns has received high praise and has become something of a bonefishing cult classic. Reviewers and readers alike have applauded the book for its both its breadth in number of patterns covered and its depth in detailing pattern recipe, tying-tip and fishing–tip information. (Click here to see more reviews).



“When a guy named Dick Brown approached me in 1993 to contribute to a project he was working on, I thought about it for awhile and decided ‘why not?’ Most of the patterns I was using at the time weren't the typical fodder of the day, so I showed my hand. Today, 18 years later, with the publication of the new edition of Bonefish Fly Patterns, I feel honored to have been a small part in an unprecedented effort that is as important and pertinent now, as the day it was published.”—Tim Borski, innovative artist, expert angler, and superlative flats fly designer

“The most highly charged moment in fishing is anticipating the take or refusal of a bonefish fly. Brown’s new book teaches you how to assure the “take” in this modern, clearly written treasure of fly construction, selection, and usage. I intend to devour it as avidly as I’d want a double digit bonefish to devour my fly.” —Vic Gaspeny, veteran Florida Keys flats guide and IGFA fly-rod bonefish record holder (14lb 6oz bonefish)

“It’s more than just another fly tying book; it’s more like a grad course on bonefishing and the flies that make it work. For my money and yours, if you were to buy only one fly tying book this year, it would be Bonefish Fly Patterns.” —Ed Maurer, Florida Fly Fishing Magazine





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