The new revised edition of Dick Brown’s Fly Fishing for Bonefish examines the entire spectrum of bonefishing techniques—including methods for handling difficult challenges like wind and low light. It also discusses scores of new developments in bonefish feeding-behavior, research and prey-preference studies, as well as describing today’s newest fly patterns and destinations. Updated information includes:
     • Recent bonefish research
     • New feeding behavior data
     • Prey preferences discovered
     • Hot new fly patterns
     • Recent destination changes
     • New advice for stripping, hooking up, & playing fish
     • Better fish spotting techniques
     • New equipment

Handling Bonefishing’s Biggest Challenges
While presenting all of the original edition’s comprehensively detailed discussion of bonefish behavior and flats angling strategy, Dick’s newest book also drills down on some of today’s most difficult challenges facing flats anglers, giving advice on sight fishing under different types of cloud cover, casting accuracy in wind, knowing when to strike, seeing fish better, spotting them in more situations, better casting, aiming, and stripping techniques, and special wading strategies. The equipment section is virtually new to include the latest manufacturers and models, the fly pattern sections were expanded to include about two-dozen of today’s hottest flats flies, and the destinations chapter expanded to add today’s newest fisheries. The final chapter includes advice from eleven expert flats anglers and guides, detailing their individual theories and strategies—which do not always agree—for handling the most difficult flats challenges. Many anglers—newcomers and veterans alike—find themselves reading this fascinating discussion over and over again. The new edition features color photographs throughout.

     1. Fly Fishing for Bonefish: The Ultimate Challenge
     2. Understanding the Bonefish
     3. What Bonefish Eat
     4. Reading Bonefish Water
     5. Finding and Seeing Bonefish
     6. Selecting Bonefish Flies
     7. Casting to Bonefish
     8. Hooking, Playing, and Releasing
     9. Wading for Bonefish
     10. Fly Fishing Equipment
     11. Personal Gear, Clothing, and Other Tackle
     12. Tying Bonefish Flies
     13. Bonefishing Destinations
     14. Advice from Some Veterans of the Flats

Fly Fishing for Bonefish has received high praise as the bible on bonefishing and has become an angling classic. Reviewers and readers alike have applauded the book for its comprehensive coverage of everything bonefish (Click here to see more reviews).



“This is the Bible of bonefishing. This is the most complete guide to bonefishing written to date. For those of us who are addicted to fly fishing for bonefish, this book goes on every trip to the flats. There are a few more-recently written bonefishing books, with updated tackle and location descriptions, but Dick Brown's book is the most complete for learning what to expect on the flats--wading or in a boat. Great photos and drawings of different scenarios when fish are spotted, and tips on spotting fish in different wind, cloud, and temperature conditions. The book has brief descriptions of bonefishing destinations, the best times to go, and what to expect once you're there. There is also an interesting discussion of the bonefish's diet based on a recent scientific study of what bonefish eat. I've flipped through this book so many times, the pages are falling out. If you've ever been fly fishing for bonefish or you are considering going, get this book first.”— Quinton Dickerson III, Arlington VA, Reader’s comment on Amazon.com

“Once again Dick Brown has written an authoritative and comprehensive book on fly fishing for bonefish. I bought his first book, Fly Fishing for Bonefish in 1993 when I first took up the sport. I learned a great deal by reading and then re-reading it. A few years later I bought his book, Bonefish Fly Patterns, which I still use regularly. The format, which includes a photograph, detailed materials list, tying instructions and anecdotes or history for each fly has never been equaled. This new and revised edition builds on his first book adding even more useful material. Everyone interested in pursuing bonefish on the flats will enjoy and learn from this book. Dick Brown is a bonefish expert, a master angler and a skillful writer. His clear text, sharp photographs and illustrations communicate the essential and the advanced aspects of gear selection, stalking, spotting, casting, catching and finally releasing what he regards as the ultimate flats quarry. Brown's enthusiasm and expertise light up every page.” —Bill Lambot, author of The Last Fifty Feet




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