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 Dick gives slide shows, presentations, and clinics for fly fishing shows, fishing clubs, angling groups, and fly fishing retailer events. You can contact him at 978 314 6879 or dick@dickbrownbonefishing.com for your next event. Or go to the Books page to find out how to get copies of any of his bonefish books. 

newRead Dick's interview on the NEWS Page with Reel-Time.com’s co-founder David Churbuck and get the inside story about the new editions of his books, including the just released Bonefish Fly Patterns, 2nd Edition.

newRead Florida Fly Fishing Magazine's comprehensive review of Bonefish Fly Patterns, 2nd Edition: “For my money and yours, if you were to buy only one fly tying book this year, it would be Bonefish Fly Patterns. I’ve got mine, and no, you can’t borrow it.”  Read also Global Fly Fisher’s review of the book: “Any bonefishing first timer should be even better off with this new edition, and people who have experience with the ghost of the flats will most definitely enjoy the book too ... and learn a lot.”

Welcome to Dick Brown’s bonefishing website. Dick has stalked bonefish with a fly rod for over 35 years, and he has written extensively about the pursuit of this challenging quarry in angling journals such as Saltwater Sportsman, Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Saltwater Fly Fishing, American Angler, Fly Fisherman, and Fly Tyer. He is the author of two definitive books on the subject, Fly Fishing for Bonefish and Bonefish Fly Patterns, and a contributor to several others. He appears at national fly-fishing shows, teaches seminars, and presents shows about bonefishing and saltwater fly fishing for groups around the country.

Invite Dick to present one of his content-rich PowerPoint shows or run one of his hands-on clinics for your club, group meeting, or event. Your audience will learn how to master the special angling skills required to stalk this challenging game fish and/or the fly-tying techniques to create effective flats flies—and, at the same time, they will witness his superb angling photography of some of the most incredibly beautiful scenery on earth.

Click on the live links in the text or select the menu tabs at the top of the page to learn more about Dick’s books or go to the reviews page to find out what critics have to say them—and see why they have been dubbed the bibles on all things bonefish. To search for fly recipes and to learn more about his custom fly patterns, select Flies on the menu bar. To find out about Dick’s programs and what they can do for your group’s meeting or event, click on the links for shows or clinics and sign him up for an event you won’t soon forget.


“I remember when I was first bonefishing and seeing fish come over and look at my fly and ‘refuse’ it... and thinking this guy Dick Brown was crazy for saying those were missed takes. Lo and behold he was right ... the difference between an amateur bonefisher and a good one is catching the fish [that] you don't feel the "eat" on. Listen to Mr. Brown and the learning curve is much shorter.” Dan Hall, veteran flats angler and creator of Hall’s Perfect Crab and Hall’s Magic Mantis




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